Surrendering Resistances


fear (Photo credit: siette)

In Dr. David Hawkins book, “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness – Stairway to Enlightenment”, he states, “…the rate of evolution is up to the individual’s willingness to surrender resistances.”

What are some of the things you resist?  Do you resist giving or receiving Love? Do you resist intimacy?  Do you resist being wrong? Do you resist the surrender of control or power? Do you resist your more feminine or masculine characteristics? Do you resist your spouse or children, mother-in-law, etc.?  Do you resist the expression of your emotions?

In this same book he states, “Fear propagates in the individual by resistance and recedes with acceptance…

Prior to my retreat my resistances were even more pronounced (see previous post). Afterwards I seem to have a greater capacity for seeing them before fear begins to propagate. The increased Self awareness that comes from consistent spiritual work, transforms these resistances into opportunities to practice acceptance.

One such opportunity arose recently when having to confront my neighbor regarding a fence he was building, adjacent to ours, which wasn’t up to code.  I found myself resisting this boundary setting experience immensely!  I found that I resist confrontation with others and my body simply reels internally when such opportunities for this type of growth appear.  My wife and I asked for grace to approach this situation bravely despite our resistance and we resolved to accept my neighbors reaction with as little judgement as possible.

Needless to say he wasn’t receptive to the boundaries we were asking to be set and walked away frustrated during our discussion.  Although no resolution was reached, almost immediately my resistance and the resultant fear disappeared and acceptance settled in.  I had approached the situation in a mature manner despite my initial hesitancy and anxiety and his reaction didn’t toss me.  We were able to patiently give him the time necessary for our communication to be processed and a peaceful resolution quickly followed.

Fear normally would have brought up a defensive reaction from me towards this experience, but instead surrender and sacred grace allowed me room to grow.

What have you resisted lately?

About Sacred Grace

I’m an ordinary man who is trying to understand our extraordinary journey.
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