Reply to Bob Brezovsky, and other Local 600 unit presidents

In the latest issue of the publication, UAW LOCAL 600 FACTS, it is evident the union is

Labor is Broken

Labor is Broken

afraid of losing members due to the Right-to-Work law.  The issue’s purpose is to convince their members not to resign from the union and makes a feeble attempt to remind dues paying members of the union’s usefulness.

Brezovsky, Stover, and Engel, local unit presidents, loosely present numerous “facts” and “figures” comparing Right-to-Work (RTW) states to non-RTW states.  They give no references and Schultz even reprints an unsigned letter from an anonymous source.  Engel asks, “Why should anyone receive the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement and union representation and not have to pay for it?”  I reply, why should people pay for something they do not receive (such as recent new hires who do not receive a defined pension benefit or health insurance plan after retirement)?  I ask, why should UAW members pay 2.5% of their hourly rate to replenish money to a strike fund which UAW leadership depleted at a rate of 42 million dollars per year (1)?  Stover says, “Not paying dues weakens the union…”, I say, “Not paying dues is a sign to start earning those union dues!”

In Brezovsky’s particular article he speaks of the union fighting for member benefits and mentions the “Battle of the Overpass” and the fight for unionization.  That battle took place in 1937!  How much will this particular battle cost current union members Brezovsky?  Are they obliged to pay for it the rest of their lives?  How much “fighting” has Brezovsky done for the few members he has in his unit?  Is it comparable to the fight at the overpass?  Has he or any of the other local unit presidents shed any blood defending your rights?  They are all classic “yes men” and in no way comparable to those who fought the Battle of the Overpass.  Who are the free-riders really?  All unit presidents, such as Brezovsky, in their position usually as a result of rampant union nepotism, collecting a 12 hr / 7 day a week paycheck, are simply looking to further the political wishes of their leaders as lackeys so they can climb up the union ladder.

Brezovsky’s loosely stated facts do not tell all.  According to a Detroit News article from January of 2015, “The Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday that the percentage of unionized workers nationwide fell from 11.3 percent in 2013 to 11.1 percent in 2014 — the lowest level since before the Great Depression. In Michigan, the decline was much steeper, dropping from 16.3 percent to 14.5 percent. In real numbers, the headcount of union members in Michigan fell by 48,000, even as the workforce grew by 44,000 (2).”  According to an unrelated article, “…residents of forced-unionism states are forking over 32.9% of their total personal income in taxes, a 5.1% higher share than the national average, and a 12.3% higher share than the Right to Work state average (3).”  Another article states that, “On average, …employment growth is twice as high in states that have a right-to-work law and minimum wages that are below average across states, and the difference is “statistically significant”—meaning that it is unlikely to have occurred by chance. GDP grows about 1 1/2 times faster over this period in those states. (4)”

In contrast to Brezovsky’s “facts”, “When adjusting for cost of living, workers in right-to-work states have 4.1 percent higher per-capita personal incomes than workers in non-right-to-work states.  Between 2001 and 2011, right-to-work states added 1.7 million jobs while forced-unionism states lost 2.1 million jobs.  Further, the vast majority of jobs created since the great recession ended have been in states with a right-to-work law and since June of 2009 household employment growth in right-to-work states was two and a half times as much as non-right-to-work states; 4.4 percent compared to just 1.7 percent (5).”

So Brezovsky, why do you and the lackeys fear RTW, and who really are the “free-riders”?

A Proud RTW’r,
Todd Lemire



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