Hello…I guess you want to know a little about me…

I’m an ordinary man who is trying to understand our extraordinary journey.  These are some of the things I’m interested in: Philosophy, Politics, Conservative Unionism (if there is such a thing), Mysticism, the evolution of consciousness, the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, non-duality, the integration and union of our male and female divinities, the shadow, essential oils, family, marriage and intimacy, camping, the spiritual practice of yoga and many more things you’ll learn if you decide to join me.

I was born on the coast of southeast Texas and currently residing in Michigan…I’m a blue-collar worker at Ford Motor Company, I’m middle-aged and married to a woman I’ve spent many previous lives with, and I’m looking to document, learn and share with others, the joys and struggles associated with this path of the heart.

Posts are random with no set time period for publishing.

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